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Why Choose Marble and Granite Over Synthetics?

The advantages of using natural stone like granite and marble in place of synthetic materials is that the stone lasts longer. The color selection is far more extensive. Not only can natural stone be affordable, but its lasting qualities also end up being more cost-effective in the long run. Granite and marble are often preferred simply for the attractiveness of natural stone. Synthetic products only mimic the colors found in granite or marble. Using granite or marble for your space will increase the overall value of your home more than the synthetics will.

Is Stone a Good Value?

Generally, natural stone is a comparable cost to other solid surface materials. However, the value does not fade and neither does the beauty!

How Durable is Natural Stone?

Granite is very hard to scratch and under normal use, is extremely stain-resistant. It is easy to clean and maintain and will last a lifetime.

Does Stone Need To Be Sealed?

We recommend that natural stone products be sealed. This will help prevent staining. A water-based penetrating sealer should be used for best results. You should seal your stone at least once a year for the most protection.

Can You Describe The Fabrication And Installation Process?

  1. Select a stone material. American Flag Granite and Stones has a vast stone selection to choose from. Visit our indoor warehouse to personally select slabs that best suit your style and vision.
  2. Template. This will be done once all of the cabinetry receiving natural stone is installed. We visit your home or job site and conduct a field measure of the project. We recommend you be present as well to approve and sign the final template. This step is when precise measurements are taken and are used to cut all materials.
  3. Fabrication. A sketch of the project with the exact measurements is passed on to our saw lead, who cuts the stone slabs to size. These rough cuts are now ready for fabrication. Special angle cuts, sinkholes and other details are cut out and polished, making each slab of stone as unique as the customization itself. The fabrication crew receives the exact measurements as well and finish up accordingly. Edges are laminated, shaped, sanded and polished.
  4. Delivery and installation. We provide a timely completion of your new granite countertops and/or marble countertops. Our truck is loaded and driven to your site to complete the installation of your custom stone pieces. All of our field installers are experts in the field and will call the project complete only when you are 100% satisfied.


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